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Originally Posted by looter View Post
Wanted to post my experience so far with the K95 RGB Platinum and Corsair support.

I bought the K95 RGB Platinum in december, and within a month started to get some horrible key chatter (multiple key inputs for every key pressed). I hit up corsair support, who after some back and fourth had me perform a hard reset and firmware rewrite on the board, after attempting to write their provided firmware file the keyboard no longer functioned and showed the firmware on the board as being a 0kb firmware.bin file rather than whatever I'd write to it.

So, I started the RMA process. I was told I would receive a replacement unit and sent in the faulty board, after over a week I received a "replacement". It was the same keyboard, with the same part number and serial. It had been cleaned up a bit and it looked like they attempted to fix the firmware as it now had colors working again when plugged in, yet now no inputs register and it doesn't get detected when being plugged in (tested on 3 PC's running both Windows 10 and Arch Linux latest kernel), tried a soft reset to no avail and not going to attempt another hard reset after it bricked this same board last time. So I'll get to pay for shipping again for another RMA, I guess I will just try and stress I want a replacement unit this time and not a half-assed attempt at a refurbish.
Can you confirm the firmware file that you were sent? Also, if you have the steps listed by the agent.

The standard RMA processes will always be a new unused unit (unless RMAing a Refurbished, a new refurbished is sent). The same unit would will never be sent back to a customer.
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