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Question iCue causing low performance and BSOD

Hey, so before stating anything I would just like to say that I’m not an expert in any way so please bear with me on this one.

So ever since I built my new computer and installed the iCue software to control my 3 LL120 rgb fans and 3 ML120 that I have noticed something weird. Whenever I launched the app the computer started to throttle, the screen would start dimming and returning to normal, and the refresh rate also seemed affected, with the frame rate dropping from 144hz to what seemed like 20. There wasn’t even any other app running, nor game, but the performance hit was very noticeable. But I assumed it wasn’t really a problem and moved on from it since once I closed iCue the computer would return to its normal state.

However yesterday I bought and installed 4 RGB strips (all connected together and plugged in to commander) and the performance hit when using iCue increased even more. I then started to get many BSOD with the error message “WATCHDOG VIOLATION”. Removing and unninstaling iCue has seemed to solve the problem has I have not gotten any single BSOD since then.

I have tried unninstaling iCue multiple times and nothing seems to be working, I would very much like to have this software since it enables me to control all the RGB functionalities I have paid for aswell as controlling the fan speeds, which are now running almost max speed constantly.

Any help is appreciated and I can surely give any information if needed! Thanks and sorry for any case of bad english or bad pronounciation :)

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