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Originally Posted by DeafSpacker View Post
My H100I Platinum SE's pump LED's have started flickering to orange when they are set to a white static colour, I'm not noticing any disconnects though.

Is this ICUE being rubbish or a hardware issue?
I had a similar problem with my H100i Platinum. The RGB lighting on the pump head would flicker and degrade over time to darker Colors no matter if I had the lighting set to the default rainbow or arc or plain static. I would reinstall iCue and that would fix the problem for maybe a day or so before the flickering/colour dim would start again.

I have no background in computer building, but after a lot of research and trouble shooting I came across a post saying the pumps need a CONSTANT 12v supply of power. I had the AIO powered by a SATA cable that was also powering something else(donít remember what it was). Once I took the AIO off that SATA cable and gave it its own personal cable with nothing else attached, the problem went away...for about 3ish days, then started happening again, but less than before. So I figured the AIOís RGB light flicker and dim problem must have something to do with not getting a consistent 12v at all times. After more research I realized that Asus Moboís(Iím using the Asus Prime z390-a motherboard)have this thing called Q-fan control in the Bios that automatically adjusts fan speed and more importantly voltage to the AIO. I went into the Bios and shut that sucker off and the colour flicker/dim has been stable for about 5 days. So Iím pretty sure the issue is resolved but hereís hoping!

Hopefully thatís all your problem is and you get it figured out!
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