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Originally Posted by wacdag View Post
They will just ignore everyone that complains and brush it under the carpet as only a minority of their customers are affected. I've had CPUID on my computer for years before iCue and never had a problem with black screening and it sounds like they have palmed you off to someone else and not claiming responsibility of iCue's problems on certain systems. Glad you got something out of Corsair though but can understand why you are no so frustrated by Corsair's attitude.
Im amazed James still works for Corsair given all the issues this software has.
I went to my local pc shop to pick up my cheque. Not only did corsair have me wait for an hour they said that they'd be wanting all my corsair stuff back. While I did originally agree to it. I have heard nothing from corsair in relation to returning the items nor will I return them now given how rude every single person in the company I have dealt with has been. From the the head of CS that kept getting my name wrong on emails. To the guy that kept me waiting.

Corsair do not learn from their mistakes and I am of the inclination that if they are going to keep ignoring everyone else with the issues I will keep going after them.
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