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Originally Posted by SpeedyV View Post
Agreed. I like the Commander Mini too though I will likely retire it and replace it with a Commander Pro, but ONLY IF it get's Ray's seal of approval and he adds support for in in SIV. I am not interested in even trying Corsair Link, nor will I be until I can come to this forum and start reading success stories more than reading post after post about problem after problem. I have not had the Mini that long and if I replace it I will chalk it up to progress and bad timing. I am happy to pay for something that WORKS.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Corsair meetings about this. Then again, it may be wishful thinking that they even have meetings about this. I don't have any idea how there corporate structure works but there seems to be some "Not my department - Don't know, never used it" type responses that do not really do much to increase my feeling that they take the issues in these posts seriously. Time will tell if they can be reactive and flexible enough to actually realize that getting Ray some samples would be good for business - assuming the thing is not totally plagued with bugs. In that case, they may want to stick with the Fan Boy reviews that are already out.
I'm sorry if you're unhappy with our products and software. It may not seem like it, but there is substantial effort put into these products and software; I spend a minimum of two hours in meetings once a week just going over and prioritizing bugs, and was responsible for architecting a large Corsair Link "bible" to guide future development and ensure a more cohesive and overall better user experience.

But that being said, we can only do so much. If you don't feel like our stuff meets your needs and you're not satisfied - which is totally within your rights - you may be better served by a competitor's product. We'd rather have happy friends than angry customers.
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