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Originally Posted by Specter View Post
This thread went from 0 -100 in no time lol.

I honestly stopped buying Corsair products. Its too much crap and its been years of nothing being fixed while they push out new products.

Thanks to red-ray and other active users on the forums that helped new users troubleshoot their stuff. Its maddening to buy new equipment, it doesn't work, they go through the official support ticket system and get a default "RMA" reply but when they come to the forums there are the active users giving them troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. These problems go silent and Corsair keeps rolling like nothing is wrong.

Every year we see big Gorge at Computex or the Computer shows showing off new hardware or the amazing things that Corsair products can do, then the products make it to the review sites who cant say anything bad about the product because they know they cannot post the review unless its approved by either Corsair or an editor who wants to keep relations good with corsair.

Now here we are today......What has changed besides the Corsair logo? nothing.
This is factually inaccurate and missing information. I'm happy to explain how reviews work, though; I was press prior to working at Corsair (look up "Dustin Sklavos AnandTech") and was actually brought on because my reviews were extremely critical.

You're absolutely right to be concerned about the uneasy peace between hardware vendors and reviewers. And there are companies that will cut off review hardware to someone that gives them a bad review. And there are reviewers who will basically sell good reviews.

Corsair won't cut off an outlet for a bad review, and I know this to be true because I've done it. At absolute worst, ad dollars influence how fast a review will get done, but have no impact on its quality.

As for the generations of hardware and software, I will readily admit there are issues. But if you've been paying attention, newer generations typically resolve the problems that might have plagued prior ones.

Take, for example, Commander & Cooling Node -> Commander Mini -> Commander Pro. For the Commander, Cooling Node, and Commander Mini, we've been more or less at the mercy of a third party for firmware updates because we were using their IP. With Commander Pro, that's no longer the case; Commander Pro's hardware and firmware are now developed internally precisely to avoid the problems we'd had with third party hardware and firmware.

It may seem externally that we're not paying attention, but we're actually paying extremely close attention.

You're an end user, and the products you bought didn't live up to your expectations. And that's totally fine. Our problems shouldn't be your problems, and if I were still on the press side of this I would be pushing back on Corsair if I were having your experiences.

The best I can tell you is that the problems that we can fix, we try, and the problems we can't, we make a note of and go about trying to solve in the next generation of products.

Originally Posted by Timbono View Post
It doesn't make sense to not provide the one developer that developed working software for some of your own products with a test sample. Corsair is damaging itself. Which is sad, because I like the commander mini. I like that it is narrow and has lots of connections. I like its PWM support.
This is a more complex situation than you realize. I've tried at length to work with Ray in the past when I was in Technical Marketing and managing these forums, and I've tried to support him, but there are limits - often legal ones - to what we can share with him and what we can do.
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