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My position is simple. Anyone who spends time on this thread knows that Corsair software and firmware has problems and has for a long time. Many people end up on this forum because of this fact. Red Ray has identified problems and bugs, often offered insight into how to fix them, added the ability to control Corsair Link enabled products to his SIV utility (which is offered for free), and spent way more time helping other people get their hardware working than Corsair does.

I had given up on Corsair Link and was sorry I bought hardware from them because of it. I ended up totally deleting Link and not even bothering to try any updated versions. Every time they release an update, it’s as bad or worse than before. That said, I bought a Commander Mini because using SIV, I could finally do what I wanted. I would never have purchased it if not for SIV. Now I may buy a new Commander Pro, but there is NO WAY I will purchase it until Ray has gotten his hands on one (and hopefully the NDA info that he needs), and tested it thoroughly.

I have read many posts from others in the same situation – tried Link, had problems, tried to fix them, gave up, found out about SIV, downloaded it, stumbled through it before manning up and reading the Guide, got it working (sort of), needed help, got help from Ray, and am now enjoying my Corsair hardware running with SIV. And now I am excited as the prospect of adding this new Command Pro, which is a pretty clever little box, under SIV control. Then an upgrade to HD-140 and HD-120 RGB fans (or Mag-Levs with RGB LEDs if they ever make them). A complete Corsair based upgrade, but not unless Ray figures out the Commander Pro and adds support in SIV for it.

In the end, I think he will but it sure would be nice if Corsair would help him out and provide a sample or 2 to him, and the technical information he needs to do the job more easily. There are now reviews all over the Internet from the usual sources. They all got sent a Commander Pro, a Lighting Node Pro, and some HD – RGB Series fans. Why can’t Corsair send Ray a review sample? They are going to get better feedback than any of the reviews I just read, which were nice but nowhere near the depth of what Ray would do. Everybody wins, so why not do it. I’m not buying one, or any new fans, until this happens.