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This thread went from 0 -100 in no time lol.

I honestly stopped buying Corsair products. Its too much crap and its been years of nothing being fixed while they push out new products.

Thanks to red-ray and other active users on the forums that helped new users troubleshoot their stuff. Its maddening to buy new equipment, it doesn't work, they go through the official support ticket system and get a default "RMA" reply but when they come to the forums there are the active users giving them troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. These problems go silent and Corsair keeps rolling like nothing is wrong.

Every year we see big Gorge at Computex or the Computer shows showing off new hardware or the amazing things that Corsair products can do, then the products make it to the review sites who cant say anything bad about the product because they know they cannot post the review unless its approved by either Corsair or an editor who wants to keep relations good with corsair.

Now here we are today......What has changed besides the Corsair logo? nothing.