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Idea RGB Keyboard Used for Audio/Video Editing

Hi. I just got my K95 RGB keyboard the other day and I love it. I'm still learning the software which isn't as difficult to figure out as some reviewers reported on youtube videos and other forums.

The main reason I bought this keyboard was for MMO gaming which I do on a Windows platform. Normally I work in OSX (same machine/dual boot) with professional audio applications. Digital audio workstations (DAWs) and video editing packages are quite complex to learn and there are companies that specialize in making keyboards with color coded keys to designate the hundreds of shortcuts and help users to learn the software.

Now that I've had some experience configuring this keyboard I can't help but to think of the potential for setting up color coded areas for editing shortcuts. Sadly, in OSX (which is the industry standard for pro audio) the extra macro keys are ignored and I can't configure this thing. It only works in a limited capacity as a standard keyboard with the factory default color presets.

I'm just thinking that, by not developing software for the Mac OSX environment, Corsair is missing a huge potential market. This K95 would rock as a customizable pro audio/video editing control panel.
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