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Default Corsair Node Pro - Not showing in Link/iCue after 1 day.

Hi all - purchased 3 ML120 fans that came with the Corsair Node Pro & fan 6-splitter. Everything worked fine on the initial plug & play, but upon my first restart my Corsair Node Pro disappeared from the Corsair Link or Icue. A few restarts later within the same day (about 4 hours) - no lights.

I've tried about a billion things and seen this issue pervade across many threads [common issue it seems]. Like many others, I also own a Corsair H110i, and this works fine in both softwares (also have corsair vengeance ram and that is working fine as well - meaning color control and fan control etc.) I'm hoping someone can help walk me through the steps to rectify this issue, I'm willing to retry all/anything to get this working again.

Here's my setup:
  • Fans: all 3 fan's 4pin connectors plugged into SYS_FAN3, SYS_FAN4, SYS_FAN5_PUMP respectively (in the bottom right corner of mobo: z390 aorus)
  • Splitter: 3 fans RGB headers into the 6 way splitter. 1st, 2nd, 3rd slots. Sata power connected. 1 3pin connector from splitter to the Corsair Node Pro (lighting channel 1)
  • Corsair Node Pro: USB b cable plugged into node pro, other 9pin connector plugged into front of mobo usb connector. Sata power connected.

I will list a bunch of relevant facts below; as well as my info from USBDeview:
  • USBDeview finds Corsair Lighting Node Pro, but it is CONNECTED = NO, and GRAY LIT (also DISABLED = NO)
  • I have tried CMOS reset, and have ensured BIOS is set to default settings
  • Fast boot is off in win10; Quick boot is off in BIOS.
  • Have uninstalled/reinstalled both Corsair Link4 and iCue a bunch, in all permutations
  • Have tried switching the USB to the header where my Corsair h110i is; does not work (however my h110i works regardless of which usb header slot it is in... I only have 2 on this mobo).
  • Have tried to follow one video where the guy uses a paper clip to hit the reset button on the Corsair Node Pro
  • I can see the fans on Aorus Smartfan5 in the Bios, and can still manipulate the speed from there - haven't messed with settings too much from here - maybe an avenue for success?
  • I just ordered a regular USB -> USB b cable to try using an external USB instead of the mobo header; am currently unable to test this until I get the cable.

Bought 3 ML120 fans yesterday, worked for the first 2 hours in corsair link & icue until I did a restart, then I couldn't see my node pro in either software, and then on the next restart no more colors (my fans spin, but no colors).
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