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Default Random shutdowns and reboots

My Corsair One is experiencing random shutdowns and reboots. It's about a 1 1/2 years old. This problem started about a month ago around the time of the 1903 windows update.

There would be a short pause of freezing and then sometimes (but not always) a red or white screen for a fraction of a second. Then a complete shut down and instantly a reboot would follow. This happened rarely at first and only during playing games (like once or twice a week). Then it started to happen more frequently and also during idle or minor activities like browsing the web. It happens more rarely during idle. Yesterday it happened when opening a new tab.

So it feels like it's happening because of more intense usage of the system. All the temperatures are acceptable during games and idle so it doesn't seem to have anything to do with heat. There is always a Kernel-power (41) critical in the event viewer and just prior to that there is an error (volmgr 161) that says a dump file could not be made.

I feel like the problem could be with the power unit or maybe even the video card but my knowledge on the matter is limited so can't be sure. BUT it could also be the problem with the Windows 1903 update that has been reported:

I also thoroughly made sure that the ssd and hdd are working correctly. I have also run the system scan from the Corsair diagnostic app and everything seems to be ok. Windows and all drivers (including display) are updated to the latest versions. I also did a full reset on the system and still the problem continues.

I also submitted a ticket with the number 2000837735 but no response yet. So if anyone has any ideas on what to do next?
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