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Default Corsair ONE i160 from DOA

Hi everyone last night I received my new Corsair ONE i160 Compact Gaming PC from and it appeared to be dead on arrival. I plug everything in pressed the power button and it would turn on for a second and turn off, turn on for the second then turned back off. This process would continue going on and I would have to pull the power cord or flick the switch to off the power supply to make a stop. I contacted the helpline and they told me to unplug everything hold down the power button for five seconds plug everything back in and then try again. After one try of this, their person on the phone told me it was DOA. Once I told the person on the phone that I had got it from Amazon he told me that I should go to Amazon and give them to replace which to my delight they are sending me a new box on Wednesday. After the phone call, being the stubborn guy that I am, I use my other computer to do some research and found that another possible solution was to hold down the clear CMOS button on the back for 15 seconds and then plug everything back in. I did this into my surprise and delight the computer does not shut off after two seconds but I am not getting any video. I have tried the display port in the back as well as using an HDMI cable in the front and I am not getting any sink or signal my monitor. Please help
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