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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
In theory, the ball bearing fan lasts longer but is louder at the same rpm. There are a lot of names for the sleeve bearing, but it is an attempt to reduce noise, particularly at lower and middle speeds. Like always, a well made example of anything is going to outlast the poorly made “long lasting” model of something else. I have hundreds of fans. I am not sure I have ever worn a bearing down to the point of failure. Most often with these FDB variants the tone becomes coarser and suddenly less desirable somewhere down the road.
ok thx for the info

my Seasonic is a double ball-bearing so I guess can safely keep it running at a minimum speed (plus my 2nd PC has PSU at the top so the PSU must have a constant running fan to exhaust the rising air, zero fan mode could be dangerous if PSU at the top of case)

but my Corsair's an FDB fan :/ I guess I know now why the RMi default fan setting is zero-fan: if the fan were set to custom with a minimum speed say 800rpm minimum then it might not last 10 years with this constant friction

so I guess a zero-fan mode is compulsory for PSU's with any type of sleeve bearing fans even FDB

(fortunately my main PC's a modern case so PSU's at the bottom so zero-fan mode is much better cause heat rises plus I don't want the PSU sucking in dust or who knows what from beneath the case & having to flip the case to clean that filter)

so to summarize:
- PSU with FDB fan should be kept at zero mode & preferably in case with PSU at bottom

- PSU with ball-bearing fan can be kept running in non-zero mode & ideally should be put in case with PSU at top

but why thef won't everyone use double ball-bearing? those are clearly superior from what you said AND they know how to keep them quiet (my seasonic ball bearing doesn't make a sound in hybrid mode @ 40% fan speed can't even hear it it's a Sanyo something)

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