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Default Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair

While I see no mention of it on Corsairs site or forums, Corsair will soon be selling their "Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair". My hope is that since Corsair is still deciding on what caster wheels to use on the chair, someone in Corsair will see this post and take it to the design department for consideration before mass production begins, along with anyone else's personal views they wish to share here or in their own thread.

First, I need to get my 3 complaints out, saving the worst offense for last. I'm slightly disappointed that Corsair is following the small "racing chair" fad, and would hope Corsair releases a proven "executive" style chair in the future, especially if the chairs are going to be priced liked one. (As the current market competitor does with their overpriced junk).

My second complaint is the oversized logo on the back of the chair, brand recognition is nice and all, but perhaps borrowing from the competition and having a fairly small logo and name on the headrest would IMO be the most aesthetically pleasing approach. (Less is more!)

My last complaint, which is the only unforgivable decision that has already made me decide NOT to buy the chair, is the hard plastic armrest. I don't care what fancy marketing word you want to use to describe the armrest, at the end of the day it's still hard and uncomfortable plastic. I can understand if the chair was $100-$150, but if it's going to sell for at least $349 as is currently planned, a chair with hard plastic armrest meant for hours long gaming sessions just isn't going to sell well. Anyone that spends a decent amount of time in their personal chair knows how annoyingly uncomfortable bad armrest can be and have probably thrown out otherwise good chairs because of this issue alone or rigged up some macgyver fix to alleviate the problem, especially when the padding in their chair starts to wear down to the hard plastic/metal underneath that padding. Those of us with this type of experience are going to stay far away from these types of chairs. I just don't understand why the current market competitor pushes this, or why Corsair's designers decided to go down the same path instead of doing something different to stand out from the crowd and change such a simple thing that makes a huge difference for user comfort. There are numerous products on Amazon that sell gel paddings, or other armrest fixes for $20-40. Which many people from the competitor already flock towards to buy. If you look at any of these products reviews, buyers all purchased those products because of the problem I described above with their "race gaming chairs" and the hard plastic armrest that they all come with. I truly hope Corsair considers fixing this critical mistake before they start mass production and shipping the product to market.

Everything else about the chair seems great, especially the extra-long back for us tall users that actually looks like it has the same great padding and support as the rest of the chair. This is something that isn't always easy to find at a fair price point! And while there wasn't any mention of a weight limit, I hope Corsair's team paid good attention to the pneumatic cylinder. While weight can affect how long it last, nothing is more annoying than a chair that keeps sinking to the ground when the cylinder goes out!

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