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Thanks for the reply Wired:

Oh man, my bad ( palm to forehead ) let me correct DDR2 to Dual Channel Mode. That should make a lot more sense when I talk about the other companys sticks not even manufactured in the same country.

The Uber Bios is a modded version of official 1013 that cut down on errors and blue screens a lot.

I did bump the voltage to 2.8 but I didnt try 2.9.

As far as speed, well maybe i exaggerated the severity of the butt kicking a little but you have to remember i had no expectations of the testing to even be close no less corsair to be slower. please, again, there is no bad mouthing here, i would that corsair should stop recommending this module for use with this board. its just not worth the setup headaches when another module works faster, by a hair but still faster, with all auto settings.

Ive attached a shot of the final indexes from passmark which is a rating based on the same tests performed for each company. DC is Dual Channel and SC is Single Channel. For the Corsair the UD is User Defined ( 6-3-3-2.5T ) Dual Channel 2.8v. STD is all auto settings


Anyway, take it for what its worth, delete the whole thread if you will. like i said, i would like to see corsair take a closer look at their compatibility recommendations so when i build my next system i can be confident that corsairs high end stuff is the headache free choice.

PS If a mod could change the subject line DDR2 to DDR-Dual it will be more informative not to mention me look less goofy!
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