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Default ******** DDR faster then Corsair dual channel - how could that be?

Although it was a simple passmark test the playing ground is still equal. i have been running TWINX1024-3200C2PT in my asus A7N8X-E Deluxe board for over a year now. Plenty of blue screens and mem errors over the course. checked for over 24 hours with memtest at 6-3-3-2.5T and no errors many times. Just for giggles I picked up two ******** (how bout that! you cant say the name of another memory manufacturer hmmm i didnt realize that. well count the stars) D1GBPC32OPT 1 gig sticks and tossed them in and ran them in duel channel mode. they kicked corsairs butt. these things werent even manufactured in the same country as each other no less not being a matched pair and they still run fine and faster in DDR2 then DDR.

I ran the test over and over and over with so many different timings and bank slots that my wife said if she hears that blasted windows theme one more time "im gonna smash that thing!!" is her exact quote. Not once did Corsair win. seriously, ive tried everything

After all the reading that ive done on this great board of the problems people have trying to get this combo to be friends im convinced now that the board just does not like this memory.

mind you there is no aggression here or bad mouthing i really think that corsair makes the finest memory on the planet. i just picked the wrong board when building the system.


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