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Originally Posted by SwissCheeze View Post
All of my fans are currently routed through a Corsair Commander Pro. I really would like a way to control the fan speed based on the temperature of the fluid.
iCUE and Link before it have a fair amount of difficulty reporting the various motherboard sensors. Asus seems to be worse off than others because of how they do their embedded controller, but there is some personal bias here as well. 4 different Asus boards across 4 platforms and they are do this.

However, the solution and frankly a better set up for you is moving the 10K thermistor line off the Water In/Out socket and onto any of the Commander Pro's 4 temp input sensors. That moves the reading into iCUE in a proper and reliable format. It gives you native control over the fans based on coolant temp. Even when iCUE is not running (quit/boot/BIOS), the fans will still follow their curve. I have been running my water loops this ways for a while and use all of the my temp sensors for various point in the loop, whether intake air temp on one side of the radiator or coolant enter/exit at other points. Even if all my RGB were to go, the Commander Pro stays.

What are you using AI Suite for? Are the radiator fans Commander Pro controlled? Or motherboard? Is there anything left on the motherboard to control through it? I would prefer to stay off AI Suite entirely, but perhaps it has suddenly found its way into the stable and reliable category. The first thing I did when I got my Commander Pro was uninstall it.
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