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Originally Posted by wolfyboy359 View Post
I want to buy a new video card for my bulldog. Looking at the 2060 or 2070 super. The 2060 doesn't come with a hybrid version, just air cooled. If I put that in my Bulldog and put a fan where the water cooler would go, will I have any heat problems? Or if I got a 2070 hybrid it requires a 650 watt psu. Could I get by with the 600 watts that my bulldog came with?
Bulldog should be okay with an air-cooled RTX 2060. The way Bulldog is laid out internally, you may need to tweak your exhaust fan curve to a be a bit more aggressive if using a non-blower style cooler (like FE/Strix/Windforce etc.). Blower style may work better in this situation but will generally be a bit noisier.

2070 hybrid should be fine with the 80+ gold-rated 600W PSU we included Bulldog with, we've used similarly rated PSUs in CORSAIR ONE to power 1080 Ti which is a bit more power hungry.

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