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Default Monitor coming out of Sleep Mode with HDMI

So I have my C1 connected to 2 monitors. One via Displayport and the other via HDMI. Both monitors are brand new and the same model (LG 27UK600). I'm having an issue with the one connected by HDMI.

When I leave the monitors alone they go into sleep mode/screen saver mode after 10 minutes. When I move my mouse or press my keyboard to wake them, the one connected via Displayport wakes up quickly. However, the one connected via HDMI does not.

It registers the activity like the first monitor and turns the screen back on but stays blank. Then it gives me the "No Signal Found" message and shortly after it comes back on. I've attached a video to better show the issue.

This isn't the biggest issue, its just kind of annoying. I know I can change the sleep setting to have the monitors never go to sleep. But, if I can, I'd like to actually use screen saver mode.

I know the C1 has 2 Displayport ports, but I can't run both through Displayport as I need 1 Displayport free for my Wacom tablet.

(Note: This doesn't happen when I try to wake the monitors right after they've gone into sleep mode. It only happens when they've been in sleep mode over a minute)

I'm not sure if this has something to do with how the C1 manages power. I noticed when I shutdown it completely kills the power to any peripherals. My old PC would still give power to whatever was plugged in, even when shut down.

This also causes my headset to always be my default audio output when booting up. Previously, even when the computer was shut down, the headset mixer wouldn't lose power, so it kept its setting from before the machine was shut down. Now everything is going from a hard reset whenever I boot up. So I need to press the button on my headset mixer whenever I boot up to turn it off and then my speakers become the default.

Is there a way I can adjust the power settings in BIOS or something?
The monitors don't get their power from the computer though, so I'm not sure if these issues are related.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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