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Default H80i temps and configuration: what's yours?

I google "high temps h80i" it seems on a weekly basis. What I can't seem to find is a good discussion on what typical idle and more importantly MAX Temp loads people are getting. What I'd like people to get out of this thread is a sense of what is normal, good, or high by simply listing what each of us (owners of an H80i) have observed.

I just changed my configuration btw to INTAKE on the rear with a push pull. Right now I have IDLE:

Ambient Temp: 77F (Indoor) / 69 (Outdoor)
Pump: 27.4C
i7 3770k 4.3ghz: 32.7C

About an hour ago I converted an HD video (5min) which seems to consistently use all 4 cores at 100% and I MAXED out at:

Ambient Temp: 77F (Indoor) / 69 (Outdoor)
Pump: 31C
i7 3770k: 81.2C

Previously (last week) I converted a HD video which was longer (~20min) and had the h80i fans + radiator set to an EXHAUST with push pull in the rear and I can no longer remember the ambient and pump temps but you can assume they were similar but the cpu hit 84C.

My computer seems to be stable and I haven't really stressed tested it yet because I'm already seeing high temps that I'm not that comfortable with. I'll probably try re-seating etc. soon but I'm also saving for a GTX 780 Classified or Lightning. I'm wondering with all things the same how much of the temps may change with a gpu installed. I'm just running all video off of the internal graphics which I'm sure is further taxing my cpu and possibly causing higher temps overall.

One other quick note; I have my cpu just to the right of the door entrance where outdoor air can be helping with intake. (also: I have indoor and outdoor temps from a $15.00 sensor I bought at home depot with a physical outdoor sensor I have hanging from the tree just outside)

All details aside, I'd like to know what your typical idle temps are and more importantly what is the MAXIMUM temperature that you've EVER EVER EVER observed on your h80i and any other important or relevant details. Of course most readers will appreciate you including your ambient temp and other relevant factors.


Max temp EVER observed 81.2C (Converting HD Videos)

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