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Originally Posted by Narada View Post

The only issue I had is after rebooting a few times at some point the booting process became excrutiatingly slow. The bios screen would take ages and the windows startup screen would progress painfully slowly. I found that simply removing the usb cable instantly sped it up to normal speed. I don't know why this happened. Maybe it was some kind of conflict between the H100 already plugged in via the cpu fan header and the H100i plugged in at the same time via usb. If anyone knows what's going on here please let me know. I'm hoping once I replace the H100 with the H100i this will work fine.
I have noticed this same issue. When I changed the USB connector to a different header from the original one it was installed in when I set it up, corsairlink couldn't see/report any of it's devices and it made boot times excruciatingly slow (particularly because this build is brand new and with only an SSD right now, it boots in 5 seconds) for it to take up to a minute to boot was really odd. I also got seemingly random hangs where nothing on the computer would respond to clicks, (web browser, start menu, etc) until I moved the usb connector back to the original header.

Also, I note many people saying the H100i shows up in device manager, but I do not see it there at all.
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