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Originally Posted by wytnyt View Post
im simply saying IF you knew how to code and make a software program,why would help be needed from corsair?
There are a bunch of different ways to say something, or to code something, and some programming languages don't look like other languages at all.

Programming is different from software / hardware engineering. In any case, they're asking about protocols, not code.

Think of it this way - listen to an old 56K modem. Tell me exactly what all of that sound means without help. It's absolutely normal for someone to ask for help, even experienced coders ask for help all of the time. Different experiences / specialties, etc.

Back to the question on hand - will they release information on the protocols? Who knows. Depends on who designed it, who engineered it, licensing, patents, etc. I don't believe they've commented on the protocols as of yet.
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