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Since you won't rephrase, I'll just have to guess.. first you're probably trying to insult someone by saying that whoever being the "software hacker" you're referring to isn't experienced enough. First I wonder "experienced enough" by who's standards? Is there suddenly a hacking competition here? Second, you're wrong - CFSworks was the one that interpreted the protocol for the H100i. I was the one that commented that Corsair should share the full protocol.

The reason for this is simply that it's so much simpler to make a software where you know the full protocol and doesn't have to guess and make trials and errors. It also reduces the chance of possibly damaging some of the hardware, even though that is probably pretty low risk anyway. It's also much more logical to get that information from the source with a complete description that covers all hardware, instead of someone having to buy all supported hardware to figure it all out. I also can't see any reason for Corsair not to do this, they sell the hardware, which we have paid for, and "give away" the software, so it's not like having some alternative software would hurt their sales. Quite the opposite.

The to the really cryptic bit: ".theres tons of software programs that allow one to code as they like". Here I have no clue what you mean, are you referring to all the different development softwares out there, or what exactly are you trying to say? The only thing I can answer is that it doesn't matter in what language/compiler or IDE/editor you use, you have to know what to tell the Corsair Link hardware to achieve what you want. This isn't about using someone else's code, but to have a protocol description (that is, a document that describes commands/replies to the hardware). Alternatively we'd have to develop our own hardware, and what would be the point of buying the Corsair Link devices then?

About "the norm is to use someones elses hard work for their benefit." again I don't know who's norms you are referring to, but this is completely beside the point in this discussion. To repeat myself, I really don't care about the source code for the existing software. I only want to know how to correctly, completely and safely communicate with the hardware.

Btw., who's benefit are you talking about? We, the customers', benefit by being able to use the hardware we've bought? Or do you suggest that someone would want to make an alternative software to the free Corsair Link software and then sell that for money? If so, I'd just like to wish them good luck with wasting their time... I seriously don't think you understand the different concepts here.
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