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Originally Posted by Nadar View Post
You didn't understand much of what I said, did you? I'm not talking about the software, but the protocol to communicate with the hardware called Corsair Link the we have bought and can't use.
It's a simple misunderstanding. In your last post, you said "I just want a chance to use the software I've bought." - you undoubtedly meant to say hardware but this left wytnyt confused as to what you meant.

But yes, I agree with you 100%: While it's understandable that Corsair cannot release their Corsair Link 2 software source code (and, being a freeware product, it's not like we're "not getting our money's worth" for them not releasing it), it would be nice if they would at least throw us a bone and give us the raw details on how the hardware works. We are, after all, a community of hardware hackers. It's not like we're too stupid to understand.

The good news is that I've figured out enough registers (documented in the first post) that anyone can now write their own H100i driver!

The bad news is, I don't know if this information is relevant to all Corsair Link devices. It would be lovely if someone else with C coding experience could test out my unofficial spec on one of their devices to see if everything still checks out. (I could probably even write my own open-source command-line Corsair Link utility, if enough people are willing to test it on their own unique setups.) That way, when I start on my Linux driver, I can be sure it's not H100i-specific. Otherwise, the progress so far is pretty swell, I think!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the Corsair Link 2 software will not work on Wine. The Wine project hasn't implemented HID support yet. I'd like to write a Linux kernel driver, though, because then the Corsair Link devices will show up like any other fan/temperature/LED device and be fully compatible with existing Linux system management software.

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