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I'm not exactly glued to this forum, so I might have missed those replies - but the last time I read about it there were some excuses about being able to disclose other companies propretary protocols, and that they would do their best to be able to share or something like that.

I'm sorry, but that just isn't a proper answer to me. I'm only asking about the Corsair Link protocol, to communicate with the "commander". I don't need access to the source code for the current Corsair Link software, which reads all kind of proprietary hardware device information. To be honest, I'd much rather code something simple and working, then trying to "fix" the software as it is today. All I would be interested in is something taking a minimum of resources, stable that would do it's job without a over-designed, resource hogging, crashing GUI. Personally I wouldn't even care about the LED part, I just want a programmable, reliable fan controller - which is what I thought I bought.

I just want a chance to use the hardware I've bought. I don't actually care that much that the software is crap, if we could only have the choice to make our own. I honestly don't think that's asking to much.

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