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Default lockups

lexxtia -- when mine works I get read / write over 500 both ways.

As long as it works it's fantastic.

When it doesn't work -- not so much.

Yesterday I pulled the SSD and moved my platter drive with Windows 8 to SATA port 1 where the SSD had been plugged in.

So far, not one hiccup.

There is a possibility I might have a defective power supply though. When I start the computer ( cold boot ) the fans come on then stop then start and sometimes they do that 2 or 3 times where it sounds like they stop completely other times it sounds like they just slow down.

I'm checking with the power supply outfit and may swap that out. But the ASUS monitoring software has never given me an alarm about low or high voltage so I'm somewhat puzzled about that.

It could be that the SSD is EXTREMELY sensitive to voltage and a fluctuation that a platter drive doesn't even notice causes the SSD to freeze.

Fortunately Windows 8 boots much faster than Windows 7 cause it uses the hibernate file to boot from as long as there have not been any changes ( at least that's the way I understand it ). Thus it's like waking up the computer from sleeping instead of going through the whole boot up process.

Only problem is transferring all the data from the Windows 7 setup into Windows 8. I had just been playing with it .. not seriously using it before but now I'm just going to go ahead and use it for my OS and see what happens.
A lot of people have switched because Windows 8 has been so stable ( it basically seems to be a User Interface enhancement to Windows 7 plus changes to the memory manager so that it handles apps and programs like Android does. You don't need to quit programs, the OS just puts them inactive unless the memory they use is needed.

I'm sure it's a bit more complicated than that. But all the old familiar Windows 7 stuff seems to still be there under the hood .. Control Panel .. Device Manager etc etc.

Anyway, time will tell about the SSD and the power supply.

I hope it IS the power supply. Would like to be able to put the SSD back in use.
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