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Originally Posted by Arizona Willie View Post
Got another system lock this morning. Came here to read messages, right clicked on three and said to open in a new tab in Chrome and it sat there saying " loading ... " and doing nothing else. Finally the loading animation stopped too and I had to do a hard power down again.

Fortunately, this time it only took two restarts to get it to run again -- for awhile.

I have Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a SATA3 platter drive and I am going to just disconnect this SSD with Windows 7 and try to run with Windows 8 and forget this SSD.

Not worth the time and hassle. COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE.

I will keep an eye on the board and see if they ever bother to release another firmware upgrade and if it does any good .. or Corsair just moves on and pretends these drives never happened.

People have been more than patient with these POS.

Corsair should be sued == class action. Any lawyers here?
Sorry to hear that. Luckily I have enough patience to try everything under the sun. I really want to believe there is something else causing this and not a defective drive. So far I haven't locked up yet...knock on wood. I normally lock up by now after a few minutes of just random browsing.

I'm not sure if this matters or not, but I will post some tiny differences with what is going on now. I only have 2 sata cables, so I only have 2 devices plugged in at any given time; it is generally the hard drive, and a dvdrom. Originally when I didn't have my SSD drive, I used a 600GB 7200 WD drive and my dvdrom. The WD drive was partitioned in half, so I would store just my apps on the C: drive, and hard data on the D: drive. What I have been doing since I've installed the SSD drive is update everything I needed to using the dvdrom, then disconnecting the dvdrom and attaching the WD hard drive to the second sata cable, so in essence I would have 2 hard drives and no dvdrom. So far I haven't done this yet, and just have the SSD connected with the dvdrom.

Also, I have never updated to SP1, and unsure if I even need to. I'm also running IE8 instead of IE9 this time.

If things stay stable for longer than 2 days I will flip back to that setup and see how things go.

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