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Originally Posted by Codacious View Post
Like many others, I wanted to buy an AIO with extra RGB fans and couldn't find any ML RGB Pro series for sale, so I bought an extra 2 pack of the non-pro (CO-9050078-WW) fans that came with the Lighting Node PRO module. My plan was to plug the AIO RGB(only) fan wires into the LiNoPro module so they would show up as sequential so the chase/lights functions would sync and let the pump head controller take care of AIO fan power/speed. What I didn't realize was that the LiNoPro also requires a USB header.

I coun't myself lucky as my board has enough 3.0 outputs that I could sacrifice the second 2.0 header on my board, but their within lye's my question...

1. Would having 2 USB headers connected cause any dis concerns or confusions with the iCue software?
Nope. If it did, I'd be in really deep trouble - I have 4 NoPros, a CoPro, a Platinum Cooler and an HX1200i all connected to USB on my main system.
Originally Posted by Codacious View Post
2. Would wiring (just)the RGB of the AIO fans to the LiNoPro cause any unforeseen consequences to the AIO or would it have to be connected to the AIO to work?
Nope, you can absolutely do this.
Originally Posted by Codacious View Post
3. And if the RGB did have to be connected to the AIO would iCue be able to sort the fans out for an order of 1-4, or would it be 2 ecosystems and out of luck?
You could use Lighting Link but it's a moot question. You can put them all on your LNP/Fan Hub.

Originally Posted by Codacious View Post
I didn't know about the CoPro at my time of purchase or I may have bought it or looked harder at other options. 3 extra SATA connections, 2 2.0 USB headers, and 2 extra hardware modules to hide in the case is a little much, but I've had good luck with Corsair products and wanting to give this a chance.
Yeah, the connections can get a little extreme. I actually have in internal USB 2.0 fan hub ... and that's full.
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