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Originally Posted by Corsair Dustin View Post
Try pressing down on the impeller and see if it needs to be popped into place.
Hi! I apologize to revive this thread a year from the last comment, but I have that same problem and I won't to RMA yet (because of work) but later if the sound still there, I should do it. I explane my particular case: After 5 month with the ultraperforming h100i GTX (very quiet, very performing) the right fan mounted in Push on a 350D is making that rattling sound that makes you broke up the computer like a piece of wood with a Karate move. I tried to make a lot of tests and I discovered that If I press down the grill a little bit the sound is minimizing, but still there. Now, after I read the entire thead I seen (even on your comment) that is a possibility of fix that rattling but I don't understand very well how to do it. Can you explane more detailed? Thank you.
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