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Originally Posted by Tegris View Post
I recently bought an h115i mounted it applied thermal paste and turned the pc on just to see the temperatures immidietly jump to 55-60C, while playing games the temperature sometimes reaches 100C after about a minute but sometinmes it only goes up to 80-85C.
Which version of the H115i?

H115i PRO - Asetek pump
H115i Platinum - CoolIt pump

What temps are you reporting and what monitoring tool are you using?
What are the pump coolant temperatures? Typically these should range from room temperature to mid 30's C under high load.
How is the radiator mounted and configured (eg. top / front, intake / exhaust)? Cool air from outside should be pulled through the radiator for optimal cooling.
How many other fans are in your case?
What is your ambient room temperature?
Is the cooler head tight and perfectly flat on the CPU? If not, then did you use the correct standoffs? - recheck your installtion carefully.

For reference, my H115i PRO easily cools my i9-9900K, which is a very hot running chip. CPU temps range from mid-20's C at idle to 80C under extreme load. My pump coolant temperature never exceeds 35C even under extreme load. Radiator config is front mounted (push / pull) as intake. Room temp is typically low 20's C. My iCUE pump & fan profiles are all set to BALANCED.

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