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Default What are the CUE's limits?

So I am looking for a really nice quality keyboard and I have many options: Ducky Shine 5 (or 6), the new realforce rgb with topre switches, the k70 from corsair, and the wasd v2. I am looking towards the realforce one or the ducky shines but one thing caught my eye that was in the corsair software: it's lighting customizability. I want to be able to do something thats really unique and cool at the same time. I 'm thinking of something like this: spell out my ign with letters being presented in a snake pattern as each letter of my ign is shown from left to right in a successive fashion/order. What I mean by this is that the individual letters of the ign will come in order from left to right. I want these individual letters not to be shown breathing or flashing but come from the top to the bottom of the letter in that one snake lighting effect. All while this is happening, the background around the letters will do something else, maybe a simple breathing effect of a solid red. I mean I think this might be impossible to do or maybe it's simple as you corsair users out there laugh at my stupidity. If however this is possible, it might seal the deal for me. If not i'll just pick the others. Some of you guys are probably astonished at my decision: "who tf would turn down a topre keyboard?" right?

Sorry if this was a long and stupid question but I am curious. Would be so disappointed if it wasnt possible but might as well. Any help is appreciated, thank you :)