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Against my better judgement, I went out today and bought the Scimitar. Why you ask with all these problems? Because ,that's how I roll. I'm a gluten for punishment. I also got it on sale. And if it sucks,I'll take it back. I plugged it in and it works well for the 5 mins I've been using it. I haven't changed the lighting or anything yet. Feels better in my hand than my new Naga. In fact its hard for me to hang onto the Naga and lift it when I have to. My Naga 2014 was much better. I miss it already.. :( The Scimitar is really great feeling tho. I'll return it if I start having tons of problems.

Also,just out of curiosity..Has anyone tried unplugging their keyboard,specifically the RGB's and see if the mouse starts working right again?
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