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1000D Commander Pro Chassis Lighting setup

Connected to LED Channel 1 of the Supplied Commander Pro is the Chassis Lighting Connector, The Cable heads off to the Front of the Case to Feed both the Front IO LED's and the Sails Logo in front of the Front fans.

When looking up towards the top right corner of the case (internally) by the rear of the Front Fan Tray you should see an RGB female Socket hanging.

To the above mentioned socket you can attach 6 Corsair Lighting Pro Strips or a Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub and 6 Corsair RGB Fans.


In Icue.

The 1000D Commander Pro has the Normal 2 lighting channels like the Normal Commander Pro but also has a Chassis Lighting option

Chassis Lighting tab.

As you can see in the above image you have 4 LED's for the Sails Logo and 18 LED's for the Front IO panel.

Lighting Setup tab

As you can see its like any other Commander Pro. 6 Corsair Lighting Pro strips or 6 Corsair RGB Fans (via the RGB Fan LED Hub) Per channel

Lighting Channel 1

I have 6 strips for internal Lighting on mine

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