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Originally Posted by seph13 View Post
Guys, select hardware profile 1 from the profiles. Your keyboard lights should turn off, then click on the square options button next to where you choose the profile and select "save profile to device memory". After that you can switch back to any profile ( don't change profile saved to device memory) from the quick launch button in the taskbar. It will stay in that mode whenever cue is running but upon shut down will switch to the blank hardware profile that you saved to memory. No need to fuss around with erp in bios. As far as I understand hardware profile 1 should be a default profile that everyone has. If not you could just create a profile with lights off and save that one to device memory.
Unfortunately this does not work. I have a profile named HwProfile1 which I believe is the original one. Regardless of saving this to the keyboard , the keyboard remains "on". I can as you suggest make a empty, non-lite profile as a work around. However the keyboard is still "on".
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