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Originally Posted by center311 View Post
I've tried 2 ML 140 Pro (non rgb ver.) on every commander pro header, and also moved it to a normal motherboard header. It's the exact same. All the other LL fans I have are perfectly normal, no buzz sound even at full speed. Also, I'd like to add that the advertised speed on the box says 2000 rpm, but both fans I've tried do not reach that. The first one reached 1790rpm and now this one I think around 1850rpm Let me know if you think this is the normal sound or not please:
All fans have a +-10% variance, however usually physical resistance is more influential. What is on the other side of the ML Pro? One thing I certainly noticed in comparing this to all my various ML140s is the dramatic change in tone in free air when I place my hand anywhere near the intake side of the fan at high speed. It will push the noise into a higher frequency band.

If you are looking for a 140mm fan that runs quiet/low noise in the 1300-2000 rpm range, it doesn't exist and probably never will. 1300 is my 140mm benchmark speed limit for a reason. Can't take it past that. All that said, the high pitch whine is weird. My old 3000 RPM A14i PPC would do that around 2500 rpm. One reason they only lasted a week. If you've already tried other fans headers on a different power circuit (motherboard vs C-Pro) and you can rule out some kind of case mesh/filter influencing the sound, then I would say the issue is in the motor. If you have any return options, use them. If too late, contact Corsair through the Support Ticket System portal in the menu header above.
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