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A lot of this may depend on your definition of loud. The ML fans have a definite "tone" to them, probably because of the magnetic levitation bearing. It makes some noise even when at low speed. Whether or not you can hear it is another matter. I have 4 x ML140 on a radiator right now. It is a quiet, icy morning and I can clearly hear them at 4ft from my ear. I used them for years as a pair of 2 and never noticed, but once you get enough together that frequency become audible in a quiet room.

The easier way to sort this out is to unplug the ML120 fans from the H150i splitter one at a time and listen to see if the sound changes. At idle, you don't need fan speed and can take your time. In there is a bad one in the bunch, it should stick out. If the tone drops in volume with each fan removed, then you know it is the specifics of that model. An easy solution would be 3 more LL120 to match. They will not make that tone and I consider them quieter at idle. That is the top half of my case now. I might cost you 1C or so in coolant temp rise on a 9900K, but that would be a pretty easy trade for quiet idle.
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