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Originally Posted by boop View Post

I've recently just built my first computer and the 3 fans (ML 120mm) that came with my Corsair H150I PRO RGB cooler are making loud noises/vibrations even at low RPM. I'm not sure if I built the computer wrong or if it's a defective fan(s). My setup is as follows:

Corsair h150i radiator side mounted to case (500D RGB SE). 3 fans ML 120mm that came with the cooler are attached to the front of the radiator with corsair logo showing at the front. 3 LL120 fans attached to other side of the radiator with corsair logo visible inside case.

3 fans ML 120mm fans connected to H150i pump 3 way splitter cable. H150i connected to CPU_FAN header with PWM mode enabled in motherboard bios. H150i usb port cable header connected to commander pro. Commander pro connected to usb header on motherboard. LL120 fans connected to rgb hub which the hub then connects to the commander pro.

I apologise for the newbie wording. I'm new to the world of pc building
Your wording is clear. I do wish all folks were as detailed as you were.

First, let's see if we can narrow down the fan(s) on question here. Can you stop the fans one at a time to see if the noise goes away? Or even stop all three?

Noise and vibrations are unusual from the ML fans ... unless they are on DC control and not receiving a full 12V. But you have them connected directly to the cooler so that's not your issue here. The other possibility is that you have them too tight and the blades are hitting something or a little too loose. But let's first makes sure that it's the fans and see if we can determine if it's a single fan or all of them.
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