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My 7900X was delidded by Silicon Lottery in the US... Done by professionals and not by me :) I'm pretty happy with the CPU temps. My old 6900K used to hit 72c under load. The 7900X with the liquid metal is still only hitting 70c under load. Both CPUs were set to 4.2ghz

That 1 - 2c I mentioned in my previous post was after 10 minutes. Had I waited for 30 minutes I would have reported a 4c increase.

Anyway, I put in the new cooler. Guess what. temps drop much quicker after load drops off. The coolant is -2c on idle after boot from the previous cooler, and +4 on ambient.

After loading the system up, it's cooling back to where it started, and doing it in minutes. Previously it was taking hours to drop and would always end up around 34c - 36c regardless of what the ambient temp near the PC was.

Under load CPU is still hitting 70c, but coolant now is not exceeding 41c, whereas before at times it would approach 45c under certain loads (Eg 2nd pass x264 encodes).

I used to have a 5930 a few years ago and my experiences were similar to yours.

My CPU is @4.2ghz (Not a massive OC), and vcore is 1.24v. On those numbers I would not have expected to see my coolant temps. And so it goes...

Well, Corsair look like they might be considering an RMA. The new cooler is performing as expected and I've now got the commander... I'll connect that up in the next few days and see how that goes.

Thank you for sticking with me through this ordeal :)


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