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Default Iron Claw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse no pinhole for hard reset

So i bought this mouse like 3 weeks ago, and i have had serious issues from day one, my profile with keybinds set, randomly stops working.

i do soft resets and that temporarily fixed the issue and every few days id have to repeat the soft reset, well tonight 3 weeks later, i have had enough, so corsair support told me to look for a pin hole, no pin hole at all ! i almost ripped the slider pads off to look for them, ive wasted like 8 hours on this rgb wireless gaming iron claw mouse and the iCUE.

2 hours tonight and i still cant play my game! im so angry i just want to go off my head, i cant help it.

why email me telling me to do a hard reset and to press down on the button in the pin hole. for the life of me i cannot find any hole neither can my partner, can some one help me out of this night mare, it was 130 dollar mouse you would think this kind of stuff would not happen!

the software iCUE i have had a terrible experience with also, very very disappointing, i am broke and have built up my muscle memory with my corsair mouse and keyboard so i cant just go buy another one, i know it will eventually be fixed but far out can this get any worse.
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