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Now you are good! One thing to keep in mind when running this set up on the front is fan speed control. By default, the two 140mm fans are (probably) connected to the pump fan splitter and adjust their speed based on coolant temperature. This is how it is supposed to work. However, they can run quite fast with the Balanced and Performance presets and these were designed to be aggressive and just for two fans only. With the double sets of fans, you are not going to have a lot of trouble getting air through the radiator. My 8700K is set to 5.0/1.30 and I don't need more than 800 rpm with a single pair of 140mm fans to get the coolant temperature less than +6C. You will want the two front sets of fans to run similar speeds to avoid some odd air/buffeting noises that can sometimes happen when the speeds are too far apart. This does not need to be super complicated. Keep the speeds low. You should not need more than 1000 rpm ever, but can certainly experiment on your own.

I think my preference would be to create a really quiet profile for desktop work and then a "gaming" profile for play with a fixed front fan speed, just below the point where the fans are noticeable.
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