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Originally Posted by mrsarun View Post
I am about to send a Corsair keyboard back now for the 3rd time in less than 3 months. Reason? Chattering, and alot of it.

I bought a Rapidfire RGB in may 2016, it started chattering almost right away, I did not think about it that much buut in oktober I've had enouugh and contacted the dealer.
They asked my to send it, and so I did.
I had another "new" keyboard within 2 weeks.
A week went by, and so it started again, not the same keys, and not as much, but I reported it and the dealer wanted me to send that one aswell, and I did.

This time I tried to switch it up (pun not intended) and get a LUX RGB instead, with cherry reds, now I had a Corsair K95 with reds before and it had no issues what I can remember.
And it has begun now aswell, alot!

I really love the keyboards but it's not really worth it for me, this much issues on three boards inside one year?

This is after analyzing my 2 latest boards at a 30ms setting in Switch Hitter:

Thank youu for great design corsair, but I am finished with your keyboards, unfortunately.

I'm sorry if there are any double or triple letters that should not be there, I've edited what I've seen.
Have you tried to do the typical fixes for chattering, like blowing compressed air down an un-capped pressed down keyswitch? I never had these problems on my k65 RGB LUX.
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