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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Yes, there is a difference and when you RMA this broken cooler, Corsair will send you a H110i back.

74C H110 GT temp in Link? That means the coolant is not moving no matter how loud the pump sounds or feels. Normally you two hot tubes at the bottom and cold air up top, but the number is 30c out of range and evident enough. Essentially you are starting 30c higher than everyone else. Rather than fluctuating, the idle temps likely stay elevated for a prolonged period of time after load and get worse for every moment you are powered on. You need to be careful until a new cooler is in place.

I forgot to tell you to select the wrench in XTU and set the graph to show core 0-3. Doesn't matter for now, but that will make it easier for future use. Package temp is a weird variable sometimes but 99c is in shutdown territory.

When you submit the RMA info, focus on the very high coolant (h110i GT temp). That is the critical distinguishing factor. Also let them know this is a new unit. The invoice will show that, but it may be to your benefit for shipping. If this is brand new, you might also have faster exchange options through your purchase vendor.
I bought this cooler 5 months ago, replacing the (failing) H100i I had, and saw somewhat lower temps and didnt bother to check up on if they were RIGHT.

I've been running like this the whole time and I feel bad! I never realized my temps were BAD until I took a second look and thought "I wonder what it should be at" It's never ran right, BUT again I bought this 5 months ago and I don't have a trace of purchase history, so I'm screwed yet another corsair cooler.

That being the case, two corsair coolers failing within their expected life is unacceptable (if we've concluded this one has failed, and in fact never worked right in the first place) and I'll be going with a different brand
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