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Default Media Keys

I just noticed after having the keyboard for a few weeks after just getting it replaced with a RMA keyboard that the media keys don't work. It's on the pause/play and skip forward, the play one when works if you press down hard that you would be to the point of breaking the stand out hurting your finger and the skip forward just doesn't work. The other two are just fine, now the play just move freely like the skip back and stop key but the skip forward feels hard on the right side. I haven't spilled anything on the keyboard and I pulled the cap off it to see it was something stuck under it and nothing, so was wondering what it could be. This is my 3rd keyboard from the RGB series and also K95, trying to figure out if I have to go through the RMA once again when only having the keyboard for about a month. Now after posting this the mute/unmute is having a issue where it works when it wants to.

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