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Originally Posted by davidm71 View Post
on intel cpu's it goes like this 2x8gb > 4x8gb > 2 x 16gb?
Like I said 4x8GB can be > 2x8GB on some Z390 boards due to their layout.

On a 2 DIMM model like the ASUS Gene/Apex oder EVGA Dark 2x8GB is king.

Originally Posted by davidm71 View Post
I want to get the cas 14 32gb 3200mhz kit when it goes on Sale. Too expensive right now. The cas 16 kit is cheaper. Want faster.
The CL16 variant will very likely always be cheaper and the ICs used to make those CMT32GX4M4C3200C14 go out of production Q2/2019. So don't wait too long ;)
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