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Default Corsair One Pro GPU Temp Causes Reboot


Recently started getting my games randomly crashing on me, and not just new games like Total War Warhammer, even the old Grid 2.

So first thought it was a driver issue, ensured all up to date, Nvidia latest drivers, BIOS updated on motherboard to the latest version. Games still crashing or causing reboot.

Reset Windows to fresh install, and installed Valley Benchmark, every single time the GPU temperature hits 58C it either crashes the system or reboots.
I can simulate this with Total War Warhammer too, just by sitting in the map, temperature will climb slowly to 58C, then crash out of game, or reboot.

The system is the CS-9000009 AU.

This definitely does not seem, and I can't figure out why this has suddenly started happening. I can't recall when MSI Live update updated the BIOS, and if that had anything to do with it.

Do I need to update the BIOS on the GPU?

Or is this just a faulty system that needs something repaired.

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