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small update:

this device has Two modes
SATAFIRM S9, S9FM02.0 64Gb (broken mode windows freez uefi can not load responce to any(standart) ata commands)
and PS3109S9 20mb (device work all OS work and UEFI can load also device responce to ATA commands)

How to switch between them:
I found only way with two PC
First PC-motherboard without AHCI support (it not work(I dont know why) if disable AHCI in UEFI/BIOS on "on PC with AHCI")
Second PC-with AHCI

Boot windows on first PC(without broken SSD) then "hot plug"-in broken SSD(SATAFIRM S9, S9FM02.0 mode) in
launch any Corsair/Phison firmware update will tell "AHCI not suported"
unplug SSD

Plug SSD to other PC with AHCI
and it start work as PS3109S9(second mode)

...I can not read data from this 20mb(IO error from driver always)
linux hdparm also give IO error on all "firmware"/reset/set commands

so...maybe this PS3109S9 need "special" driver to comunicate....or its simply broken

for turn from PS3109S9 mode to SATAFIRM S9, S9FM02.0 mode-just use any Corsair/Phison firmware update tool on that PC
this software allow you to select PS3109S9 and press update....but it stop on 5% always with random errors
same like in thsi post

when you power off(unplug) SSD and plug in again-it will be in SATAFIRM S9, S9FM02.0 mode

it work for switch modes back/back/back I test few times(10+-)

so...road to support
end of story for now

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