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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Iíll take a flier and guess because you have an AMD 2700X. This seems to happen every time AMD first release a new CPU series and there are several other threads complaining of the erroneous temp reading. Is there any reason not to believe the motherboard or AMDís values? Often, those are the only ones that are effective. If you are running them all at the same time, that may have some consequence as well. Link/iCUE fo not handle competition well. The coolant value should be accurate and Link is the only program polling it. The other readings seem reasonable, although voltage/frequency dependent.

Iím afraid the larger issue is more vexing. My first thoughts go to the power supply, particularly if you are getting a hard shut down straight to an off state. Unfortunately PSU problems can be hard to diagnose and often involve obtaining a second power supply.
Thanks for that. I'm hoping that's all it is too - I can't imagine it's the other way around. I guess I just wanted confirmation that this is an erroneous read from CorsairLink rather than a bigger issue.

And yes, we did wonder about the PSU too. I guess we'll just have to work through each item in turn and try them out one by one.

Thanks for your reply.
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