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I have used the same board ...
I have use Corsair 1333 Mhz DDR3 Ram with a QX9650....

My board also restarts few times.
PSU is checked with 2 another Boards it stable.
Dont forgett to use a North bridge cooler (40x40,20 FAN).

If tried it already with a cooler but the bard wont work stable...
After a BIOS Upgrade the board would be more worse than before....
I have send it back to my supplier,

Now i have choosed MSI P7N2 but this board wont eighter work for me
the northbrige was faulty (no stable PCIe communication, GPU freezes, CPU freezes, and memory errors go along with each other)

lol i have now testet 3 Board all of them where defect ....

ASUS P5E DDR2-1066 with Corsair, wont work stable (memmory controller issue?) -> back to my supplier
Intel X48 DDR3-1333MHZ with Corsair, reboots
MSI P7N2 DDR3-1333MHZ with Corsair, faulty northbridge...

But my old
Asus P5N-32 E / SLI CPU-E6700 is now working stable with the latest bios release (14.X)
and 4x 1Gb Ram (DDR2-800MHZ non Corsair ram, sorry)
befor this release (bios 11.x), it was unstable like hell.

MADE IN CHINA *what whould YOU expect*

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