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Originally Posted by FuZuL View Post
Hi, after some investigations, I found out this is a software issue and NOT a hardware issue.
Its all about the CUE.
If the CUE is running and the controller is connected, the leds will not work.
IF the CUE is off and then I plug the controller. it works!

Good luck!
Yep, as I've said in countless threads, it's their ****ty drivers/CUE causing these problems. The second I disabled their HID drivers/uninstalled CUE, the issues with my K55 (not playing nice with USB gamepads, and numlock etc. lights not working correctly) ceased....I also lose all extra functionality because they lock it behind their terrible software, but it's preferable to having to unplug my keyboard whenever I want to use a USB controller. It would be nice to see a response that isn't the typical BS about re-setting firmware/updating BIOS etc. when it has been proven time and again that it's THEIR software/drivers that are the root cause of these issues, not end-user systems. Give us some updates on what's being done to fix this.
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