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Originally Posted by FuZuL View Post
Hi, after some investigations, I found out this is a software issue and NOT a hardware issue.
Its all about the CUE.
If the CUE is running and the controller is connected, the leds will not work.
IF the CUE is off and then I plug the controller. it works!

Good luck!
It seems like a software issue I agree. I'm wondering if the hardware on the board is good enough as well.

By controller are you referring to a game controller or keyboard? I don't use any game controllers.

If it is keyboard you are talking about, yes the same goes for me. The board can run fine with CUE on but the lighting profile must be static. It can't function properly with any sorts of dynamic effects (then what is the point of this RGB keyboard).

CUE, or the hardware on the board seems to be dropping packets over USB like crazy. I have my board constantly flickering the incorrect light color, or not at all. It's incredibly annoying. I've had this happen on 3 different personal computers, know 2 friends with the same issues with other Corsair keyboards, and have been through 4 K70's.

The only board that didn't have my lock light indicators freeze was the K95 platinum, but I don't like that keyboard because it's a bit too large. There is a legitimate problem with the K70's software or hardware and Corsair can't seem to give a good answer on what causes this and the software (CUE) team seems to ignore anything I post about this to them.

I'm getting my K70 refunded because this has been a major hassle and they don't seem to care about fixing it.
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